What Does Eye Contact Really Mean?


Hi friends, 

I am so proud of all the deep, hard emotional work you are doing. Thank you for spending time with me each week. 

This week we explore emotional safety and trust. 

I see eye contact as a privilege. When someone feels safe enough to give us eye contact, see that as a meaningful emotional connection. 

We are going to look at our role in emotional safety for others. 

Are we safe enough for people to feel their big feelings? Or, do we minimize feelings and send messages that shut people down?

Who do we talk to when we need someone to hold space for us? Why do we choose that person with whom to talk? How do we take those same traits and apply them to the relationships with the kids in our lives?

Whew! Big topic. Hopefully, these bite sized videos are stirring up some internal change. Thanks for being so brave! 

Go Be You, 


P.S. If you want to go even deeper into self discovery, overcoming trauma, and creating meaningful relationships...

Blueprints: How are we built?


Hi friends,

Last week I received so much feedback about emotional regulation.

Many of you shared your stories with me and trusted me with pieces of your own journey. Thank you for sharing yourself. I am incredibly thankful for those of us who are willing to self reflect and work on our hard stuff. 

Navigating the responsibility of parenting, educating, and providing therapy for the kids in our lives is a roller coaster.

We have to continue to support each other on this journey. It's hard work!

This week we discuss blueprints. 

It's all about what we bring to the table when we interact with the children, students, and clients in our lives. 

We cover important self-reflective questions that are necessary to answer so that we can have a deeper understanding of how we were wired way before we met the younger humans in our lives. 

Without understanding how we learned emotional development or the parts of our past that need healing, we cannot show up for our kids in...

Our Capacity for Emotional Regulation

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2019

Hey friends, 

This week we take a dive into emotional regulation. 

As adults, we expect kids to know how to self-regulate. Yet,we forget that there are many steps and skills along the way to being able to self-regulate. 

We discuss co-regulation and our support system. These two concepts play into our development and execution of self-regulation. 

Thanks for joining me for another week of learning and growing. 

Go Be You, 


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What is Trauma?


Greetings Friends! 

This is a HUGE week! 

I am launching an online training site called...wait for it...

Go Be YOUniversity! 

This is so exciting because it will give me a chance to bring all the training I do to one place. I am used to traveling all over the rural, western states. I do not have to do that anymore. 

Once a week, I will be launching a new training video that will give you information on trauma, resiliency, and all sorts of things in between. 

This week's topic is all about defining TRAUMA. It's such a complicated definition. 

Watch the video to learn more. 

Also, be sure you stay tuned in for the ENTIRE video. We have some great things happening at the end. 

Be sure to hit the subscribe button so you don't miss any of my blog posts. 

Thanks for being a part of this community! 

Go Be You, 



P.S. If you want even more intensive training, be sure you check out our monthly membership program here.

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