Dear Educator...

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2021

Dear Educator,

I see you.

I really do.

I see how hard you are working to show up for your students, for my kids.

I see how hard it is to teach during a global crisis with fragmented support from our government and our fellow humans.

I see you working to figure out how to teach "safely." No one has had to do this before you.

I see you working so diligently to connect to the students behind the camera, the one who won't turn theirs on.

I see you wondering about the student who isn't showing up anymore.

I see you curious about what's going on with that student that used to stop by your room all of the time, but no one has heard from.

I see you posting grades in the middle of the night.

I see you returning emails before sunrise.

I see your exhaustion.

          Your tears.

                       Your effort to keep your own family afloat.

I see you reading the emails from stressed parents and saying to yourself, "I agree, I'm right there with you."

I see you missing your classroom, your students, your co-workers.

I see you wondering how you can keep going on the hardest days.

I see you working past the school day hours and over the holidays.

I see you.

And, I'm thankful.

I'm deeply gracious for your concern,

                                               your care,

                                                           your commitment to keep showing up.

Even when it's hard and you may want to quit.

Here's what we know.


Please know that.

When you share that you care.

When you listen.

When you support.

When you show students your humanness.

Relationship wins.

These kids will make the academic gains when this WORLD stabilizes again.

Meanwhile, they will remember their teachers showing up in pajamas behind those cameras.

And all of their friends' pets.

And Zoom lunches with their friends.

And drop in office hours online.

And laughing.

Please make sure you laugh and find the small joys in each day.

You matter.

You really do.

There's something powerful about going through this collective experience TOGETHER. You are not alone. You have support.

Drop me an email at [email protected] and tell me your funniest story about teaching during the pandemic.

Sending you copious amounts of love and strength as you get through the next few months.

You've got this!!

Go Be You,


P.S. Please forward this to your favorite educator. Or share this post and tag your favorite educator. Let's shower them with love and support.


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