What Does Eye Contact Really Mean?


Hi friends, 

I am so proud of all the deep, hard emotional work you are doing. Thank you for spending time with me each week. 

This week we explore emotional safety and trust. 

I see eye contact as a privilege. When someone feels safe enough to give us eye contact, see that as a meaningful emotional connection. 

We are going to look at our role in emotional safety for others. 

Are we safe enough for people to feel their big feelings? Or, do we minimize feelings and send messages that shut people down?

Who do we talk to when we need someone to hold space for us? Why do we choose that person with whom to talk? How do we take those same traits and apply them to the relationships with the kids in our lives?

Whew! Big topic. Hopefully, these bite sized videos are stirring up some internal change. Thanks for being so brave! 

Go Be You, 


P.S. If you want to go even deeper into self discovery, overcoming trauma, and creating meaningful relationships...


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