7 Ways To Focus On Life In The Present

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2021

"We are living in crazy times."

"How can I even begin to move forward in a normal way?"

"What is this world coming to?"

"Seems like every time I turn on the news, there's something worse happening."

Everyday, I am inundated with these questions, thoughts, concerns for the greater world that we live in. I'm with ya. I have those same concerns, too.

Some days, it's really easy to focus on the negative that's occurring in the bigger world around us. In reality, we have very little control over what happens in that bigger world, outside of us.

When we get really honest about that and recognize what we have control over, we come back to ourselves and the present moment.

All of our worries about future moments rob us from the moments that we are living right NOW.

But, Stacy, where do I even begin?

Here are a few tips to help you practice living in the current moment.

1. Think about your sensory system. When we are stressed, the most efficient way to emotionally regulate, is to engage your sensory system. Drink a cold glass of water. Take a hot shower. Eat something sour. Then, savor that experience by focusing on what your are experiencing in the moment.

2. Phone a friend. Actually pick up the phone and call a friend. Engage in a meaningful conversation. Listen. Share. Be in the moment with your friend.

3. Read a good book. Walk over to your book shelf and pick up one of those books that is collecting dust. Get lost in the story of the book. Feel the weight of the book, the smell of those musty pages.

4. Pour into your relationships in your home. What's one thing you can do for someone in your home that they will love? If you live alone, can you do something for your neighbor?

5. Play. Engage in a fun activity. Create. Get outside. Hike. Ski. Play in the ocean. Get so lost in the play that you forget about time.

6. Rest. There's something to be said about taking a nap, watching a good movie, or going to bed early. Resting your brain and your body allows you to be more present.

7. Guided meditation. The key word is GUIDED! Meditating without experience and guidance is a set up for floating through all of the thoughts in your head. It can be overwhelming. I'm a fan of the guided meditation. Find someone with a great voice that's soothing to you and give it a go.

Friends, we are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS. We have to commit to staying present and living in this current moment. The more we practice PRESENCE, the more fulfilling our lives will be.

Here's to a more present week!

Go Be You,



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