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Do You Want a Strong Fulfilling Relationship with the Children and Youth in Your Life?


This course is for anyone in the education field who is interested in learning more about brain development, mental health, and trauma. We take a deep dive into how the brain develops, how traumatic events can impact that brain development, and what you can do in the classroom to mitigate that trauma and help students heal. 

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This class is for parents who are interested in parenting from the perspective of brain science. We discuss how the brain develops and what you can do at each stage to provide co-regulation, teach your child to emotionally regulate, skills that you can use when your child is in an emotional crisis, and why you can't reason with someone who is dysregulated. 


Money in the Bank of Relationships (mp3)

This will provide you with various ideas and strategies to connect with the children and youth in your life. The more money you've got in the account, the stronger & deeper your relationship. This book is excellent for parents and educators who need some more ideas on how and why connection with the kids in your life is important.

Available Now:  $17 
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3 eBook Bundle: Empathy, Treatment Teams, & Building Relationships

This 3-pack provides a quick-start way to maximize these 3 topics. We work with tough kids and the key to success lies in the relationships we create with these kids as well as the relationships we have in the village supporting these kids.

Available Now:  $9
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Summer Sanity Series Audio

This is 4 hours of audio, walking you through how the brain develops and various parenting strategies that are brain-based to ensure that you maintain your sanity while parenting your most precious loved ones! This includes knowledge on going through emotional upheavals & the power of empathy.

Available Now: $47
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eBook: The Strategy Series

Brand New!! This 50-page eBook presents various trauma-informed strategies. We take each strategy and apply it to 3 different settings: home, school, and office. This book is great for treatment teams who are looking at how to apply trauma-informed strategies across different settings for the same child/youth.

Available Now: $19
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