We must heal in relationship. 

GO BE YOU provides a space where you can learn, heal, grow, and teach through connection, community, and understanding. 
We provide information about brain development, emotional and physical health, trauma, and neuroscience. 

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We are a village, committed to understanding the human experience and holding space for the journey.

Clinical and Consultation Services

We provide individual and family therapy to families in the States of Colorado and Wyoming.  For those in different states, we provide consultation and guidance on the next steps for treatment teams. 

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Speaking Services

Our passion for understanding trauma-informed care is inspired by our work in the education system.  We provide real-life applicable strategies that anyone can use everyday, This work is inspired by speaking to thousands of parents, educators, and mental health professionals.


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Online Products and Courses

Parents, educators, and mental health professionals love information.

We offer two signature online courses that are critical for parents and educators.

Click here for the online, on-demand continuing education course: Brain-Based, Trauma-Informed Strategies for Professional Educators.

Click here for the online, on-demand learning course: 28 Skills in 28 Days: Therapist Hacks for Parenting.


Empower, Educate, Encourage

Have you ever wondered what in the world is happening with your child/student's behavior? 

Have you ever been so overwhelmed or stressed by your child/student that you have wondered what to do next? 

Have you ever had conflict with your spouse or your colleague about how to handle a situation with your child or student? 

Have you been reflecting on your own growing up experiences and connecting that how you are today may be rooted in how you were raised? 

No one ever reaches out to a therapist when life is great. People land in my life when dynamics at home or in the classroom are hectic, chaotic, stressful, and sometimes feel hopeless. 

H.O.P.E. stands for Hold On Past the Emotion. In a world that sends mixed messages about emotions, we are often stuffing them down, avoiding them, or numbing out. None of which serve us long-term. 

Go Be You is a space to gain HOPE, learn about the full range of emotions in human experiences, understand yourself and your children/students, unpack the daily struggles of life, and learn real life, doable strategies to connect with, be with, and love the humans in your life. 



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