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Trauma-Informed Skills for Educators: A 6 Hour Online Course

Teachers: Are you Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Stressed Out?

Wondering if you can make it another year?

Are you are still thinking about your students when you get home from school?

Are you are exhausted and wondering about calling in sick more often, except that requires sub plans?

Are you are struggling to find joy in the classroom each day?

Are you are dreading seeing your co-workers?

Are you are avoiding picking up the phone to call a parent?

Are you are more irritable, filled with fatigue, and hopeless that the education system will never get better?

Are you wondering how you are going to meet the academic marks when kids are aggressive and can't stay focused?

Do you fall in love with the students in your life?

Do you worry about those students when they are not at school?

Do your students' stories of their lives remind you of your own?

Do you have some of your own demons that you are working through as you are also trying to teach students?

Do you need more support?

Do you need more information about working with the "tough" kids?

Are you tired of wasting your time on learning information that is not useful or applicable?


My life changed over a decade ago when I started learning this information while I worked in school-based mental health. Then, I started applying it. AND IT WORKED!

So, I started teaching and training professional educators on this information. I started sharing stories of how kids healed and teachers started to find their joy in the classroom again.

Now, I've taken it online.

The biggest takeaways I've learned over the last decade are packed into this course.

It's about learning how our stress response systems develop, get activated, and then, calm.

It's based in research and evidence and practice.

It's filled with tangible strategies that you can use immediately.

Check out the topics:

This course also takes a look at who WE are when we show up for others.

Teachers are super heroes who often don't have the right tools in their toolboxes to work with today's kids.

Once I learned about complex trauma and toxic stress in children and families, I started realizing how we are addressing all the symptoms of what kids present and not the roots. This is leading to a "behavior management" culture and not an "addressing the roots" behavior.

This course is jammed packed with real-life classroom strategies that you can use immediately to address the stress in your life.

I've got you.

"Trauma-informed care" can be words that are often thrown around in school systems without a deeper understanding of the actions that go with it.

When educators "get" trauma-informed care, their job actually becomes less stressful. They understand the WHY behind the behaviors.

This path also leads to healing in many of the educators. We have to heal our own childhood trauma and toxic stress. The more we heal, the better we can show up for the students in our lives.

What you'll get:

  • Over 6 hours of continuing education, all delivered via video
  • Work at your own pace
  • Real-Life Applicable Strategies that can be used IMMEDIATELY
  • Bonus Interviews with Professionals
  • Certificate of Completion you can turn in for credit
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed (if you're not happy after 14 days of purchase, email me and I will refund your money)
  • Lifetime access-go through this course as often as you want

Disclaimer: Discussing stress and trauma can be activating. Please ensure that you are taking care of yourself as you move through this course.

If you are interested in getting information on how your ENTIRE staff can take this class, please drop me an email at [email protected].

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What People Are Saying:

I watched the first 10 videos of this course after work today and they were so informative! I love the online format so I can take notes and rewatch as necessary. The course has a personalized, conversational feel to it and I really appreciate that! This is such an important topic and it was valuable to have time to process.

S.T.~Instructional Coach